Model Airplane News
August, 1966

Model Airplane News Cover for August, 1966 by Jo Kotula Rumpler C. V.

Rumpler C. V.
Model Airplane News Cover Art for August, 1966
by Jo Kotula
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The Rumpler C.IV was a German single-engine, two-seat reconnaissance biplane; the Rumpler C. V. is a C. IV with an internal bomb bay in the observer's compartment. The aircraft was also built by Pfalz Flugzeugwerke as the Pfalz C.I. Another variant of the basic design was the Rumpler 6B-2 single-seat floatplane fighter, built for the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy).

The Rumpler C. V.     The Rumpler C. V.

Photos of the Rumpler C. V.
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Here is a video of a restored Rumpler C. V.:

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