Model Airplane News
March, 1966

Model Airplane News Cover for March, 1966 by Jo Kotula Boeing XF3B-1

Boeing XFB3-1
Model Airplane News Cover Art for March, 1966
by Jo Kotula
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The XF3B-1 (Model 74) was built by Boeing as a private venture, originally as a seaplane, with provision for a single central float with outboard stabilising floats. it was flown for the first time in 1927 as a float seaplane and an improvement on the F2B, then a staple of carrier aviation. However, the Model 74 showed no significant advance over the F2B-1. It was completely rebuilt (as the Model 77) with a wheeled undercarriage nd a new wing and tail. This variant proved successful and the Navy ordered 73 airplanes classified as F3B-1s.

The Boeing XF3B-1      The Boeing XF3B-1

Boeing XFB3-1
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The F3B-1 was of mixed construction with wooden wings, a steel-tube fuselage and fabric covering. The ailerons and tail surfaces were of semi-monocoque all-metal construction with corrugated covering. The plane was armed with two synchronised 7.62mm machine guns and could carry five 25 lb bombs. The first flight of the rebuilt XF3B-1 was in 1928, and the first production F3B-1 was delivered to the US Navy in November of 1928.

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