Model Airplane News
December, 1965

Model Airplane News Cover for December, 1965 by Jo Kotula Berliner-Joyce P-16 Fighter

Berliner-Joyce P-16 Fighter
Model Airplane News Cover Art for December, 1965
by Jo Kotula
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The Berliner-Joyce P-16 was a 1930s United States two-seat fighter aircraft produced by Berliner-Joyce Aircraft Corporation. It was the last biplane fighter to enter service with the Army Air Corps.

The Berliner-Joyce P-16      The Berliner-Joyce P-16

Berliner-Joyce P-16
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In 1929, the Berliner-Joyce Aircraft Corporation, nominally a manufacturer of light civilian aircraft, designed a two-seat fighter for the United States Army Air Corps, designated XP-16. It had a metal structure with a fabric covering. It was a single-bay biplane of unequal span, with the wings forward-staggered. The lower wing was smaller than the upper and was mounted at the base of the fuselage. The upper wing was of gull wing configuration. An observer/gunner was located behind the pilot. The aircraft was powered by a 600 hp supercharged inline engine. After evaluation by the army, 25 aircraft were ordered, designated as YP-16s. The main difference with the production aircraft was the use of an unsupercharged engine, and a three-bladed propeller.

Without the supercharger, performance at altitude was appreciably reduced although the aircraft had a greater endurance than contemporary single-seat pursuits Despite the gull-wing, pilots had poor visibility over the nose which contributed to service pilots having a propensity to nose-over on landing. All Berliner-Joyce PB-1s were withdrawn from active service in 1934, although a small number of aircraft continued in second line duties until 1940. It was eventually replaced by the Grumman FF-1.

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Here is the Cleveland model of the Berliner-Joyce P-16.

 Cleveland Model of the Berliner-Joyce P-16     Cleveland Model of the Berliner-Joyce P-16

Cleveland Model of the Berliner-Joyce P-16

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You can buy the plans and patterns that will enable you to make this model right now. Click Here to go to the exact location on the Cleveland Website to get them.

Cleveland Site Location of the Berliner-Joyce P-16

Berliner-Joyce P-16 at the Cleveland Site
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