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Model Airplane News Cover for July,1965 by Jo Kotula Moraine-Saulnier Type N Bullet

Moraine-Saulnier Type N "Bullet"
Model Airplane News Cover Art for July,1965
by Jo Kotula
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The Morane-Saulnier N was a French monoplane fighter aircraft of the First World War. It entered service in April 1915 with the Aéronautique Militaire designated as the MS.5C.1. It also equipped four squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps, in which it was designated the Bullet and was operated in limited numbers by the 19th Squadron of the Imperial Russian Air Force.

 The Moraine-Saulnier Type N Bullet     The Moraine-Saulnier Type N Bullet     The Moraine-Saulnier Type N Bullet

Photos of the Moraine-Saulnier Type N "Bullet"
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While the Type N was a graceful-looking aircraft and had an advanced, aerodynamic design, it was not easy to fly due to its stiff controls (using wing warping instead of ailerons) and high landing speed. The Type N mounted a single unsynchronized forward-firing machine gun which used the deflector wedges, first demonstrated on the Morane-Saulnier Type L, in order to fire through the propeller arc. The plane's "signature", a large metal spinner intended to streamline the aircraft, deflected air away from the engine caused overheating. In 1915, the spinner was removed from the design and no more overheating problems, with very little loss in performance. The Type N was not particularly successful. Only 49 aircraft were built and it was quickly rendered obsolete.

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