Model Airplane News
May, 1965

Model Airplane News Cover for May, 1965 by Jo Kotula LLOYD C.II

Lloyd C.II
Model Airplane News Cover Art for May, 1965
by Jo Kotula
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The Lloyd C.II was a reconnaissance biplane used by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Poland in World War One beginning in 1915. At least 100 of the C.II were produced and made available in 1915 and it's derivatives - the C.III and C.IV - accoundt for about another 100 aircraft.


Lloyd C.II
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The C.II was a conventional biplane design with a flat-faced plywood fuselage. The C.II was powered by 145 horsepower engine yielding a maximum speed of 80 mph, range of 250 miles and service ceiling of 9,800 feet. The crew was a pilot and an observer/rear gunner seated in a tandem open-air cockpit. Wings were slightly swept-back and braced by parallel struts and cabling. The upper and lower wing assemblies were staggered. Armament a single 8mm machine gun, on a half-circle mounting in the rear cockpit.The C.II's could also carry 200lbs of bombs.

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