Model Airplane News
June, 1964

Model Airplane News Cover for June, 1964 by Jo Kotula Sopwith Pup

Sopwith Pup
Model Airplane News Cover Art for June, 1964
by Jo Kotula
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The Pup was a British single seater biplane fighter aircraft built by the Sopwith Aviation Company. It entered service with the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service in the fall of 1916. With pleasant flying characteristics and good maneuverability, the aircraft proved very successful.

The Pup evolved from the the Land Clerget Tractor - better known as the "1 1/2 Srutter" due to the arrangement of its wing struts, one full length strut attached to the wings and a half-length strut attached to the fuselage. The Pup got its name from a general's remark upon seeing it parked next to a Strutter: "Good heavens, your aircraft has had a Pup!" Indeed, the Sopwith Pup appears to have been whelped from the 1 1/2 Strutter.

Here is a video of a replica of the Sopwith Pup in action:

Maneuverable and able to hold its height in a turn, the Sopwith Pup went on to become a firm favorite of British aviators. The only drawback was its single gun. At a time that the German Albatros was mounting two Spandau machine guns the Pup only carried a single Vickers.

Comparison of the Sopwith Strutter and Pup airplanes    Sopwith Pup World War I fighter in flight

Evolution of the Pup
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The Pup was eventually outclassed by newer German fighters, but it was not completely replaced on the Western Front until the end of 1917. Remaining Pups were relegated to Home Defence and training units. The Pup's docile flying characteristics also made it ideal for use in aircraft carrier deck landing and takeoff experiments

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Cleveland Model Plans for the Sopwith Pup    Cleveland Model Plans for the Sopwith Pup

The Sopwith Pup Plans
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The Pup was a significant aircraft for World War One and is a great subject for a Cleveland model.

Cleveland Site Location of the Sopwith Pup   

Sopwith Pup at the Cleveland Site

You can buy the plans and patterns that will enable you to make this model right now. Click Here to go to the exact location on the Cleveland Website to get them.

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