Model Airplane News
July, 1959

Model Airplane News Cover for July, 1959 by Jo Kotula George Meyer Little Toot

George Meyer's " Little Toot"
Model Airplane News Cover Art for July, 1959
by Jo Kotula
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George Meyer started designing Little Toot in 1952, was already a well known craftsman and model airplane builder prior to his full size project. George started the project by drawing his dream plane in ½ inch to the foot scaled drawings and the built a metal, 1:24 scale model,duplicating what he wanted in the full size airplane. He even built a scale metal engine.

The George Meyer Little Toot      The George Meyer Little Toot

George Meyer's " Little Toot"
right top: George Meyer right bottom: the 1;24 scale model
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Many of the building problems were worked out in the small model, prior to starting the full size airplane. His patience was rewarded, because the airplane performed perfectly. The first flight on February 2, 1957 in Corpus Christi, Texas. The pilot for the test flight was a very famous lady pilot named Pauline Glasson

, who has a fascinating story in her own right. All the test hours were flown and the plane received FAA Certification. The plane was fully aerobatic, and had no bad habits in stall or spin type maneuvers. George originally intended for the Toot to be a one of a kind airplane, but the requests for plans soon overwhelmed that decision so he began to produce plans with all of the modifications incorporated into them that he had made during the project.

The public first saw Little Toot was the 1957 EAA Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Meyer won an award from Mechanics Illustrated for “Outstanding Achievement in a Homebuilt Aircraft”. He also took 2nd place in “Outstanding Design”, and “Longest Distance Flown” to the convention. Click Here for more information about the "Little Toot"

Here is a video of the George Meyer's " Little Toot" in action:

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