Model Airplane News
September, 1956

Model Airplane News Cover for September, 1956 by Jo Kotula Sopwith Triplane

Sopwith Triplane
Model Airplane News Cover Art for September, 1956
by Jo Kotula
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The Triplane was an attempt to improve on the earlier Sopwith Pup's already impressive performance by using three wings of reduced chord but the same span, resulting in much more lift. The reduced chord also improved the pilot's visibility. Once again the only disappointing feature was the single Vickers - which in some cases was corrected by the fitting of a second gun.

The Sopwith Triplane was the first and was so successful that the design was emulated by allies and enemies. The French produced the Nieuport Triplane and the Germans with the Albatros Dr.I, Pfalz Dr.I, and the most famous of the lot, the Fokker F.I Triplane flown by the "Red Baron", Manfried Von Richthofen.

A squadron of Sopwith Triplanes

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The Triplane's combat debut was highly successful. The new fighter's exceptional rate of climb and high service ceiling gave it a marked advantage over the German Albatros D.III, though the Triplane was slower in a dive. The Germans were so impressed by the performance of the Triplane that it spawned a brief triplane craze among German aircraft manufacturers, resulting in no fewer than 34 different prototypes. The Triplane's combat career was comparatively brief. In service, the Triplane proved difficult to repair. The fuel and oil tanks were inaccessible without substantial disassembly of the wings and fuselage. Even relatively minor repairs had to be made at rear echelon repair depots.

Cleveland Model Plans for the Sopwith Triplane    Cleveland Model Plans for the Sopwith Triplane

Cleveland Model Plans for the Sopwith Triplane
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Due to the "Red Baron", the Fokker Triplane is most often modeled. However, this Cleveland kit would offer the modeler the opportunity to study the original triplane.

Cleveland Site Location of plans for the Sopwith Triplane   

Sopwith Triplane at the Cleveland Site

You can buy the plans and patterns that will enable you to make this model right now. Click Here to go to the exact location on the Cleveland Website to get them.

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