Model Airplane News
January, 1955

Model Airplane News Cover for January, 1955 by Jo Kotula Vickers FB25-26

Vickers FB25-26
Model Airplane News Cover Art for January, 1955
by Jo Kotula
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The Vickers FB-25 was somewhat retrogressive in May 1917 as the pusher-engine fighter with boom-carried empennage had become decidedly passe at that stage in Worid War I. It was designed for a close air support role as an armored "Trench-strafer" mitigating the effects of its slow speed an limited maneuverability.

The Vickers FB25-26      The Vickers FB25-26

Vickers FB25-26
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It was a single-seat fighter with the engine nacelle attached directly to the upper wing. The original concept provided for a single 7.7mm Lewis gun, but an additional Lewis gun was added. On 25 August 1917, the prototype was spun into the ground by Vickers'test pilot. Nonetheless, a month later, a contract was placed for six examples with wing structure was completely revised, increased cooling and a larger vertical tail. The guns were modified to permit more movement and armor protection for the pilot was added This armoured "trench-strafer" was assigned the designation F.B.26A, and introduced in the spring of 1918, Largely, it came too late on the wartime scene to be effective.

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