Model Airplane News
September, 1946

Model Airplane News Cover for September, 1946 by Jo Kotula Luscombe Model 10

Luscombe Model 10
Model Airplane News Cover Art for September, 1946
by Jo Kotula
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After the war, Luscombe Aircraft, known for manufacturing quality civilian aircraft, moved from Trenton, NJ to larger quarters in Dallas, TX. In anticipation of a widely forecast postwar aircraft boom, Luscombe set up a large factory and re-tooled with new jigs capable of higher production volume than the pre-war factory had been capable of. Due to several factors, including a fire, production in the latter part of 1945 was quite limited.

Early in 1946, Luscombe decided to redesign the wing to an all-metal stressed-skin design, eliminating the fabric covering and simplifying the construction. The company also produced a prototype of a single-place low-wing design called the Model 10. This was never placed into production, since the market for single-seat aircraft was considered to be too small. The lone prototype was destroyed in 1948 for tax purposes.

Luscombe was not very successful in making multiple seat airplanes either as, discussed in our treatment of the Luscombe Model 11 "Silvaire Sedan" on the cover of the March, 1948 issue of Model Airplane News.

The Luscombe Model 10      The Luscombe Model 10

Photos of the Luscombe Model 10
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