Model Airplane News
December, 1943

Model Airplane News Cover for January, 1940 by Jo Kotula Douglas D8-7-B3 (A20) Havoc    Model Airplane News Cover for December, 1943 by Jo Kotula Douglas D8-7-B3 (A20) Havoc

Douglas D8-7-B3 (A20) "Havoc"
Model Airplane News Cover Art for January, 1940 and December, 1943
by Jo Kotula
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The Douglas A-20/DB-7 "Havoc" (British "Boston") was an American attack, light bomber and night fighter aircraft of World War II.

The Douglas D8-7-B3 (A20) Havoc      The Douglas D8-7-B3 (A20) Havoc

Douglas D8-7-B3 (A20) "Havoc"
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In March 1937, a design team headed by Donald Douglas, Jack Northrop and Ed Heinemann entered a light twin engine bomber (Model 7b) into an army competition with the North American NA-40, the Stearman X-100 and the Martin 167F. The Model 7B was maneuverable and fast, but did not attract any US orders. It did, however, attract the attention of a French Purchasing Commission who wereimpressed enough to order 100 production aircraft, with the order increased to 270 when the war began. The Douglas DB-7 series distinguished itself as a tough, dependable combat aircraft with an excellent reputation due to its speed and maneuvrability. Its true impact was that the Douglas bomber/night fighter was extremely adaptable and found a role in every combat theater of the war and excelled as a true "pilot's aeroplane." When DB-7 series production finally ended on 20 September 1944, a total of 7,098 had been built by Douglas and a further 380 by Boeing.

Here is a video of the Douglas D8-7-B3 (A20) "Havoc":

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