Model Airplane News
July, 1942

Model Airplane News Cover for July, 1942 by Jo Kotula Westland Whirlwind

Westland "Whirlwind"
Model Airplane News Cover Art for July, 1942
by Jo Kotula
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The Westland Whirlwind was a British twin-engined heavy fighter developed by Westland Aircraft. It was the Royal Air Force's first single-seat, twin-engined, cannon-armed fighter, and a contemporary of the Supermarine "Spitfire" and Hawker "Hurricane".

It was one of the fastest aircraft when it flew in the late 1930s, and was much more heavily armed than any other. However, protracted development problems with its Rolls-Royce engines delayed the entire project; only a small number were ever built. During the Second World War only two RAF squadrons were equipped with the Whirlwind. Despite successful use as a fighter-bomber it was withdrawn from service in 1943.

 Westland Whirlwind Fighter

Westland Whirlwind Fighter

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Here is a British newsreel from the WWII era that shows a number of classic airplanes including the Whirlwind

Here is a Cleveland kit for the "Whirlwind". This is a fairly obscure model, but its twin engine configuration would make a very interesting subject for modeling.

 Cleveland Model of the Westland Whirlwind Fighter

Cleveland Model of the Westland Whirlwind Fighter

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You can buy the plans and patterns that will enable you to make this model right now. Click Here to go to the exact location on the Cleveland Website to get them.

Cleveland Site Location of Westland Whirlwind   

Westland Whirlwind on the Cleveland Site

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