Model Airplane News
September, 1936

Model Airplane News Cover for September, 1936 by Jo Kotula Bleriot - Spad S.33

Bleriot - Spad S.33
Model Airplane News Cover Art for September, 1936
by Jo Kotula
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The prototype (F-CMAZ) of the Bleriot-SPAD S.33 first flew in 1920. Four passengers were accommodated in comfortable wicker armchairs in an enclosed forward cabin, and provided with a good view through three porthole windows on each side of the fuselage. Behind them in side-by-side open cockpits were the fifth passenger (to starboard) and the pilot. (An exciting option...)

The Bleriot - Spad S.33      The Bleriot - Spad S.33

Photos of the Bleriot - Spad S.33
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The S.33 was a great success, with 41 examples being built. Fifteen flew with the Messageries Aeriennes company, later incorporated in Air-Union; 20 were used on the routes between France and eastern Europe operated by the Compagnie Franco-Roumaine; and five were bought by the Belgian SNETA company, which was absorbed in the SABENA national airline in May 1923. S.33s became a familiar sight to passengers at most European commercial airports.

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