Model Airplane News
June, 1936

Model Airplane News Cover for June, 1936 by Jo Kotula Dewoitine D.27 (Var D.535)

Dewoitine D.27 (Var D.535)
Model Airplane News Cover Art for June, 1936
by Jo Kotula
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The Dewoitine D.27 was a parasol monoplane fighter aircraft designed by Émile Dewoitine in 1928.

The Dewoitine D.27 (Var D.535)      The Dewoitine D.27 (Var D.535)

Dewoitine D.27 (Var D.535)
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After the end of World War I, the slump in demand for aircraft forced Dewoitine to close his company and move to Switzerland. He designed the D.27 the following year, 66 of which were purchased by the Swiss Air Force. It was also licence-built in Romania and Yugoslavia. Seven strengthened versions, designated the D.53, served experimentally with the French Escadrille 7C1, flying from the aircraft carrier Béarn.

Here is a compilation video that shows the Dewoitine D.27 (Var D.535) in the first few seconds:

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