Model Airplane News
June, 1934

Model Airplane News Cover for June, 1934 by Jo Kotula Polikarpov DI-2

Polikarpov DI-2
Model Airplane News Cover Art for June, 1934
by Jo Kotula
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The Polikarpov DI-2 was a Soviet biplane fighter designed during the late 1920s. It entered service in 1929, but was retired in 1935 with the advent of fighters with higher performance.

The Polikarpov DI-2      The Polikarpov DI-2

Polikarpov DI-2
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The DI-2 had an oval-section semi-monocoque fuselage covered with molded birch plywood except for the engine which had a metal cowling. The two-spar wings were covered in plywood and fabric. Internal bracing wires were fitted to reinforce the wings. The control surfaces were framed in duralumin, but covered in fabric. Initially the I-3 was fitted with two fixed 7.62 mm synchronized machine guns. Some aircraft had bomb racks to carry two 25 lb bombs.

The first prototype was completed in early 1928 Approximately 400 were built. It was relegated to secondary roles in 1935 as newer and more powerful Polikarpov fighters entered service.

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