Model Airplane News
May, 1934

Model Airplane News Cover for May, 1934 by Jo Kotula Kawasaki KDA-5 Type 92

Kawasaki KDA-5 Type 92
Model Airplane News Cover Art for May, 1934
by Jo Kotula
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The Kawasaki KDA-5 Type 92 was a Japanese single seat, single engined biplane fighter designed for the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force. This aircraft was designed by Dr. Richard Vogt of Dornier and was manufactured in Japan by Kawasaki. It first flew in 1930, was introduced in 1932 and was phased out of frontline service by the late 1930s.

The Kawasaki KDA-5 Type 92      The Kawasaki KDA-5 Type 92

Kawasaki KDA-5 Type 92
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The KDA-5 was designed to meet a Japanese Army requirement for a fighter biplane. Five prototypes were built by Kawasaki and first flown in 1930. Following testing, the aircraft was ordered into production in 1932 as the Army Type 92 Model 1 Fighter. The aircraft had unequal-span wings, fixed landing gear and was powered by a630 hp engine. After 180 aircraft were built, the aircraft received structural improvements and was redesignated Type 92 Model 2 of which an additional 200 were built. Both versions saw action with the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in Manchuria, although it proved unpopular owing to its unstable take-off and landing behavior. It was difficult to maintain, particularly in cold weather. A few were still in service in 1941 as trainers.

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